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BuzzBox Coffee is the most developed coffee continuity program on the market today and with repeated impressions it’s creating Income, Influence & Impact.  Why coffee?  Behind oil it’s the second most traded commodity on earth.  It’s ubiquitous -- we all drink it -- for many it’s a ritual and almost everyone loves coffee.  BuzzBox features USDA Organic, Specialty Grade Top 1% Arabica, Shade Grown and Fairly-Traded Coffee.  All the styles, roasts, etc. are covered and it’s truly the “best-of-the-best-coffee” available.  BuzzBox also wins on price -- saving consumers money!  Incorporating all of these elements eliminates any resistance so the conveyance system of BuzzBox so it can consistently deliver annuitized results.  We don't expect people will change their lifestyles or habits, we simply ask them to consider changing their brand for a better product that also creates real impact.  And to engage them their first pound is FREE.  There are no contracts, commitments or strings to this program!

Working with companies/programs/brands, we establish a BuzzBox Coffee program, that’s consistently promoted to that respective audience.  It’s this audience/community along with their families/friends/colleagues/neighbors and others who then deliver multi-million dollar revenue potential.  As the customized BuzzBox Coffee program grows, many people not associated with the respective company/program/brand will become part of the BuzzBox Coffee program as the audience/community gives it as gifts or engages their personal connections/networks.  The company/program/brand benefits from the Social Responsibility aspect of BuzzBox as a percentage of each sale is directed to support key causes/charities, keeping the audience/community engaged as they’re getting the “best-of-the-best-coffee” while having impact doing something good “one-cup-at-a-time,” without changing their lifestyles or habits.  It’s simple and a win-win platform!

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