Chuck Woolery - Save Us Chuck

Appointment listening that's truly Must Hear Radio, Chuck Woolery delivers a fast-paced, informative and fun daily :60 second commentary/feature.  Poking fun at the politically ridiculous, separating fact from fiction, exposing the truths about Washington DC, working to spread common sense and sharing some laughs – Chuck Woolery is creating change in America.  A proud conservative with a passion for politics – BLUNT FORCE TRUTH is an extension of Chuck’s successful Blunt Force Truth YouTube Channel that has been viewed by millions and his videos shared at CPAC, political events, cable news networks and more.  A universally recognized TV legend, Chuck is well known from his years hosting Love Connection, Wheel of Fortune, Scrabble, Lingo and Greed.  He’s also hosted television talk shows - The Home and Family Show and The Chuck Woolery Show.  Today Chuck is a frequent contributor to Fox News and appears regularly with Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Dennis Miller and others.  Now via BLUNT FORCE TRUTH, he’s bringing his unique style and entertaining political commentary to the radio dial each day, while helping to save America one daily broadcast at time!



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