Ric Edelman Show

Ric Edelman -- named Barron's #1 Independent Financial Advisor for three of the past four years (2009, 2010 and 2011) also hosts America’s #1 Financial Radio Show.  A multi-dimensional program and strong brand, The Ric Edelman Show is grounded with a common sense perspective, anecdotes and humor to make finances fun!  Compelling and entertaining radio, this winning program keeps listeners up to date on the latest events in the financial world and how they impact our daily lives.  Listeners turn-in each week for Ric’s objective and easy-to-understand information on a broad range of financial matters that include investments, insurance, taxes, real estate, retirement planning, mortgages, college planning, getting out of debt and more.  He appeals to every adult demographic group who want to improve their financial lives — man or  woman, single or married, widowed or divorced, with a high net worth or in debt, buying a first home or selling as an empty nester, having kids, just getting started or nearing retirement.  In short, listeners know Ric Edelman never offers get-rich quick schemes or “hot stock tips” and trust he’ll deliver the truth.



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