SSI delivers Results!  Audience Engagement, Branding, Showcasing, ROI, Market Growth, Strategic Value, Influence, Impact….whatever you’re trying to accomplish in today’s constantly evolving media world, the quality shows of SSI will help you achieve these goals -- and deliver Results!

We have a sustained and proven track record of developing experienced, credible media personalities who foster our philosophies and successfully engage the audience to deliver Results.

SSI is not about old-style, antiquated “spots & dots" advertising.  We don’t push agendas or force restrictive policies.  We instead actively invest in building mid/long term relationships and customize our Sponsorships to meet the specific needs or objectives of each client.

Our approach is comprehensive and multi-platformed.  We engage our audience via nearly 20 different platforms that include -- Network Radio, Network Television, Social Media, Website Showcasing, Digital Radio & TV, Brought-To-You-By Mentions, In-Program Chatter, Newsletters/Blogs, On-Air Segments & Video Content, Remote Broadcasts, Polls, Product Testing, Program Merchandise, Speaking Engagements/Events and more.

SSI Sponsorships are easy, affordable and straight-forward.  Increments are available in 52 Weeks (Platinum), 52 Weeks (Gold), 26 Weeks (Silver), 13 Weeks (Bronze) and 6 Weeks (Special).  

To partner with us and create a meaningful relationship, contact SSI @ 203.431.0790 or by clicking "CONTACT" in the navigation bar above so we can learn more about your specific goals, provide details on our winning platforms and together build a successful alliance that delivers Results!

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The SSI Difference