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SSI delivers Results!  Since our inception back in February 1999, the core of our operations is Audience Engagement.  We’re a nationally focused boutique firm, who places high value on mid & long term relationships.  There isn’t another company that replicates SSI and we pride ourselves in being an antithesis, or as we like to say “an orange in an apple field.”  Our uniqueness helps clearly distinguish SSI from other noise in the marketplace and our respective brands are top-quality that enjoy loyal followings.

We’re a strong full service, results-oriented, turn-key syndication firm, disciplined to succeed in a fast-changing, competitive environment.  SSI specializes in National Sponsorship Sales, Affiliation Sales, Social Responsibility Opportunities and Specialty NTR Activities, as well as Talent & Programming Consulting/Management.  We have the resources, relationships and experienced team to achieve consistent success.

We engage our audiences/followers via a multi-platformed approach, comprehensively touching them through many vehicles that include Network Radio, Network Television, Social Media, Website Showcasing, Digital Radio & Television, Newsletters/Blogs, Remote Broadcasts, Promotions/Contests, Speaking Engagements/Events, Merchandise and more.  Our Sponsorship Packages are progressively priced, flexible in terms and bilateral in structure/spirit.  From a content standpoint, we offer programming that is Informative, Entertaining, Contemporary, Fast-paced & Interactive.  And we expect our show host(s) to be Passionate, Credible, Articulate and capable of Painting-Pictures-With-Words.

Simply put -- “The Quality Shows of SSI deliver Revenues, Ratings…Results!"

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The SSI Difference