The Rick & Bubba Show

Boasting a successful brand and strong broadcast resume of nearly 30 years, THE RICK & BUBBA SHOW is one of America's Top-10 Morning Shows.  Heard nationally on radio, and simulcast across America via a digital TV network, Rick Burgess & Bill "Bubba" Bussey are truly Masters of Morning Drive -- with their engaging, fast-paced and entertaining style of unscripted and personality driven talk programming.  Their coverage of the timely and topical, lively debates, laugh-out-loud-funny passionate interaction with their on-air sidekicks and interns, live in-studio Golden Ticket Seats audience, listener interaction and leading guests, reflects a continuous daily saga of current events, water-cooler stories, opinions, real-life experiences, pop culture, sports, food, family, faith and more.  A dominate ratings champion, THE RICK & BUBBA SHOW enjoys broad appeal with its loyal audience and sponsors alike.  This is one program that instantly adds an exclamation point to station line-ups -- boosting TSL, CUME and the bottom line.  Your decision to align with this show can do the same for your company -- as it has for numerous other affiliates and sponsors!  Join this winning brand and popular major-league program and start enjoying the results of THE RICK & BUBBA SHOW.  50+ Radio Affiliates, Digital TV plus Blaze Network and live streaming, Digital Radio via 24/7 channel, vibrant social media platforms, podcasts, merchandise and more......